How to choose a good reciprocating elevator?

1. Guarantee: after all, it is a production equipment. A good equipment should have a guarantee system. The car operation track and abnormal operation of the synchronous hoist can be inspected. For normal and reliable operation, such as whether the transmission chain is stuck, loose, broken, the car is stuck and skewed, it is guaranteed to give an early alarm and remind maintenance, which is less likely to cause the car to fall.

2. Speed under high load: for example, whether the load can reach 3 tons under the high speed of 60 m / s. there are few manufacturers who can achieve this speed and load on the market. Generally, they are manufacturers with long-term and deep technical precipitation.

3. How about the strength of manufacturers and brands: now consumers have a psychology that they like famous manufacturers and brands, because they can buy reciprocating elevators with guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service. This is reasonable. Good brands have more quality assurance. The production cost of large manufacturers is higher than that of small manufacturers, so the price will be slightly higher, but its technical content After sales service is much better than small manufacturers.

4. Look at the brand and matching of the accessories used. With different accessory brands, the effect of the whole equipment is different, such as the elevator required by the customer. At this time, the motor, guide rail, sprocket, control box and control system need to use supporting equipment with high strength, high precision and high sensitivity, rather than just looking at a single configuration. Although the brand selection of some accessories can be put forward by customers, what is not suitable or not matched can not be used. The role of the control system is particularly important at this time.


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