What is the cause of chain fracture of ring chain bucket elevator?

The problem of chain fracture occurs in the process of using the chain in the ring chain bucket elevator. What is the reason for the general chain fracture? I don't know if you have encountered such a problem. How to deal with it? Now let's take a look. Hope to help you.

Reasons for chain breaking of ring chain bucket elevator:
For the transported materials, if the transported materials are fine and viscous, it is easy to stick between the two chains. If the fine particle layer is attached between two adjacent chains, thousands of chains will accumulate into a large length, which makes the tension of the chain tighter and tighter until it breaks.

terms of settlement:
1. Chain quality problems, such as high hardness and low toughness during heat treatment.
2. The upper and lower sprockets are misaligned and bite the chain.
3. Whether the self-made roller is used for the next wheel.
4. When the chain is worn, the movement is limited. When the chain is gnawed on the upper sprocket and the lower sprocket, the wear of the hopper hole will cause the chain to break.


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