How to maintain the roller conveyor?

Any kind of large equipment needs good maintenance after being used for a period of time. If the maintenance is not in place, the service life of the equipment will be shortened a lot. What we want to talk about is the maintenance of the conveyor.

Roller conveyor manufacturers pay great attention to the maintenance of the equipment. First, the basic maintenance is the sanitation and cleaning of the equipment. During the use of the equipment, it is inevitable that some dust will adhere to the surface of the equipment. Many staff don't pay much attention to this, so they often don't clean it for a long time. This is actually wrong, because if it is not cleaned in time, there will be more and more, which will not only affect the appearance of the equipment, but also affect the normal use of the equipment. Too much dust may lead to failure to turn left.

Secondly, add lubricant regularly. The workload of the equipment is very large every day. Sometimes it needs to turn left overnight, so there are often some loud noises and it is even impossible to transport heavy objects smoothly. This phenomenon is mostly due to the lack of lubricating oil on the conveyor belt of the equipment and the increase of friction, which leads to the increase of noise and can not be used normally. The staff should add lubricant in time to solve the problem. Some devices need to be added once a week, which depends on the actual situation of the device.


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