Several problems to be considered in safety inspection of bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a common lifting device. Like many common materials, bucket elevator can be used for vertical lifting. In production, the bucket elevator may encounter many problems that we need to consider when running, but in order to carry out production, it is naturally necessary to check the bucket elevator. So, what are the specific detection methods?

Speed test: display the running speed diagram of the hoist in real time, measure the lifting diagram, given speed diagram, low-frequency drag or braking signal diagram, and automatically calculate the high running speed, main acceleration, main deceleration, running time, etc. and equivalent power. The speed test can be carried out by using the signal of speed sensor or speed measuring motor.

System test: brake wheel or brake disc brake shoe clearance test; Radial runout test of brake wheel and lateral runout test of brake disc; Idle time test; Test of initial braking speed, braking deceleration, braking time and braking distance during braking; Test of braking force and braking torque.

Hydraulic system test: secondary braking performance test; Test of oil pressure characteristic curve, large oil pressure, sticking brake oil pressure and residual pressure during hoist operation; Measurement of adjustable braking current and hydraulic tracking characteristics during braking.


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