How to reduce the working accident probability of bucket elevator?

Nowadays, bucket elevator is used in many factories. The materials needed for factory production are transported by bucket elevator, which is very efficient. There is no doubt that the bucket elevator can increase the actual output of the factory. As we all know, improper operation of bucket elevator may cause accidents, which is a very dangerous situation. How to use bucket elevator to reduce the working accident probability of bucket elevator?

Most of them are used in modern large-scale factories. Materials must always be transported according to requirements, which is of great significance to achieve high and stable production. Operating procedures must be strictly observed. The operator is required to maintain, inspect and adjust the hoist as required. Only in this way can the machine work normally.

The hoist in operation shall often monitor the main parameters, temperature, current, speed and vibration reflecting the performance of the equipment to understand the operation of the equipment. Once any abnormality is found, the cause shall be found in time. Careful operation and maintenance can reduce accidents and prolong service life, and the equipment will play a greater role.

Precautions in the use of bucket elevator
1. No load driving. Before shutdown, drain all materials in the winch first, and then close it in case of power failure.
2. The crane cannot be reversed. If it reverses, the chain derailment will occur;
3. The material shall be poured evenly, and the material quantity shall not exceed the bearing capacity of the hoist, otherwise it is easy to cause material blockage and failure.
5. If the hoist is used for a long time, it needs regular maintenance and lubricating oil supplement; If the chain and hopper are worn, they need to be replaced in time!


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