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How to choose a good reciprocating elevator?


1. Guarantee: after all, it is a production equipment. A good equipment should have a guarantee system. The car operation track and abnormal operation of the synchronous hoist can be inspected. For normal and reliable operation, such as whether the transmission chain is stuck, loose, broken, the car is stuck and skewed, it is guaranteed to give an early alarm and remind maintenance, which is less likely to cause the car to fall. 2. Speed under high load: for example, whether the load can reach 3 tons under the high speed of 60 m / s. there are few manufacturers who can achieve this speed and load on the market. Generally, they are manufacturers with long-term and deep technical precipitation. 3. How about the strength of manufacturers and brands: now consumers have a psychology that they like famous manufacturers and brands, because they can buy reciprocating elevators with guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service. This is reasonable. Good brands have more quality assurance. The production cost of large manufacturers is higher than that of small manufacturers, so the price will be slightly higher, but its technical content After sales service is much better than small manufacturers. 4. Look at the brand and matching of the accessories used. With different accessory brands, the effect of the whole equipment is different, such as the elevator required by the customer. At this time, the motor, guide rail, sprocket, control box and control system need to use supporting equipment with high strength, high precision and high sensitivity, rather than just looking at a single configuration. Although the brand selection of some accessories can be put forward by customers, what is not suitable or not matched can not be used. The role of the control system is particularly important at this time.

What is the cause of chain fracture of ring chain bucket elevator?


The problem of chain fracture occurs in the process of using the chain in the ring chain bucket elevator. What is the reason for the general chain fracture? I don't know if you have encountered such a problem. How to deal with it? Now let's take a look. Hope to help you. Reasons for chain breaking of ring chain bucket elevator: For the transported materials, if the transported materials are fine and viscous, it is easy to stick between the two chains. If the fine particle layer is attached between two adjacent chains, thousands of chains will accumulate into a large length, which makes the tension of the chain tighter and tighter until it breaks. terms of settlement: 1. Chain quality problems, such as high hardness and low toughness during heat treatment. 2. The upper and lower sprockets are misaligned and bite the chain. 3. Whether the self-made roller is used for the next wheel. 4. When the chain is worn, the movement is limited. When the chain is gnawed on the upper sprocket and the lower sprocket, the wear of the hopper hole will cause the chain to break.

How to maintain the roller conveyor?


Any kind of large equipment needs good maintenance after being used for a period of time. If the maintenance is not in place, the service life of the equipment will be shortened a lot. What we want to talk about is the maintenance of the conveyor. Roller conveyor manufacturers pay great attention to the maintenance of the equipment. First, the basic maintenance is the sanitation and cleaning of the equipment. During the use of the equipment, it is inevitable that some dust will adhere to the surface of the equipment. Many staff don't pay much attention to this, so they often don't clean it for a long time. This is actually wrong, because if it is not cleaned in time, there will be more and more, which will not only affect the appearance of the equipment, but also affect the normal use of the equipment. Too much dust may lead to failure to turn left. Secondly, add lubricant regularly. The workload of the equipment is very large every day. Sometimes it needs to turn left overnight, so there are often some loud noises and it is even impossible to transport heavy objects smoothly. This phenomenon is mostly due to the lack of lubricating oil on the conveyor belt of the equipment and the increase of friction, which leads to the increase of noise and can not be used normally. The staff should add lubricant in time to solve the problem. Some devices need to be added once a week, which depends on the actual situation of the device.

What fields are conveyors suitable for?


The reason why the conveyor will be widely used is actually related to its own advantages. In terms of performance, the one-time weight range of the equipment is large, which reduces the number of back and forth transportation, and the speed is very fast in the whole operation process, which improves the work efficiency and reduces the workload of staff. Moreover, it is energy-saving equipment. Our country requires energy-saving for modern high-tech equipment. The equipment is transported repeatedly in the process of operation. There is no pollution and noise, and the vibration is very small, which easily realizes the effect of energy saving. At the same time, the equipment realizes the automatic workflow, which only needs one or two staff to take care of the operation of the equipment, and other work is completed by equipment and auxiliary equipment. Conveyor is widely used, mainly in electric power, agriculture, chemical industry, coal mine, building materials and other industries. For a simple example, in the traditional agricultural field, all work is completed by manual labor, and a large number of staff carry all grain to the place bit by bit. But now with the conveyor, it is much more convenient. Directly using the equipment for transportation not only saves the cost of human resources, but also improves the work efficiency. Our country is a large agricultural country, producing thousands of tons of agricultural and sideline products every year. It is precisely the need for equipment such as conveyors to help the rapid development of the agricultural industry. Moreover, the light industry and heavy industry in our country need such equipment, especially in the heavy industry. All materials and finished products are very heavy, which can not be easily completed by labor.

Chain conveyor is an indispensable equipment in the process of modernization


Chain conveyor is an indispensable equipment in the process of modernization When it comes to chain conveyor, I believe everyone is familiar with it. In modern industry, this equipment is used very frequently, which is also of great help to our work. However, for this common device, many people still lack understanding of it. Next, let's introduce the relevant knowledge of this device. Through our introduction, I believe you can deepen your understanding of it. Chain conveyor manufacturers are more prominent in similar equipment. As an important conveying equipment, it has a wide range of applications and plays a partial role in logistics and warehouse storage. I believe many people need knowledge in this regard. Next, let's take a specific look. Generally speaking, when we move large materials or large equipment, we need more power, and it is difficult to move only by manpower. Therefore, we need to use conveying equipment such as conveyor to help us. This equipment has good conveying capacity and can assist in the handling of large materials. Of course, it has many advantages. Next, let's take a specific look. First, it can reduce the maintenance cost of our industry. With this equipment, we don't need too much manpower and reduce the labor cost of Qi enterprise. At the same time, the operation of equipment has become more convenient because of high automation. We just need to arrange staff to operate the equipment. Moreover, using conveyor equipment to operate can also speed up our work speed. For example, the logistics industry can use this equipment to speed up the transportation speed, and customers can receive express delivery early, which makes the company gain more industry advantages.

How to solve the problem of excessive feeding and hopper falling off of bucket elevator?


Machine failure is inevitable. What we need to do when using the machine is to reduce the probability of machine failure and eliminate the failure in time. Bucket elevator used for material transportation is a kind of transportation equipment often used in major factories. When using bucket elevator to transport materials, it is inevitable to encounter faults, such as excessive return and hopper falling off, which are two common faults. Next, I sorted out these information and told you the specific solutions! abnormal returns  Hoist return refers to the scene that some materials return to the hoist frame without being unloaded from the machine at the unloading position. In the hoisting process, if the hoist returns too much material, it will inevitably reduce the consumption efficiency and increase the power consumption and material integrity rate. Many reasons for returning goods are as follows: 1. The hopper runs too fast. When the elevator lifts different materials, the operation speed of the hopper is different: generally, when lifting boring powder and granular materials, the speed is about 1 ~ 2m / S; When lifting block materials, the speed is 0.4 ~ 0.6m/s; When wet powdery and granular materials are lifted, the speed is 0.6 ~ 0.8m / if the speed is too high, the unloading is in advance, forming a return. At this time, the speed of the hopper shall be appropriately reduced according to the lifted materials to avoid material backflow. 2. The discharge tongue at the inlet of the machine head shall be installed uniformly. If the tongue is too far away from the discharge position of the hopper, it will cause material return. Adjust the position of tongue plate in time to avoid material return. Hopper falling off It refers to the process that the belt falls off from the hopper. Abnormal noise will be generated when the hopper falls, which needs to be stopped in time to reflect, otherwise it will cause more deformation and falling of the hopper; When connecting the hopper position, the hopper belt is torn. The non mainstream reasons for hopper falling are as follows: 1. Excessive feeding causes the accumulation of materials on the base, the increase of lifting resistance and the poor operation of the hopper, which is the direct reason for the falling and deformation of the hopper. At this time, stop the machine immediately, take out the lower insert plate on the base, remove the deposits on the base, replace the hopper with a new one, and then start production. At this time, reduce the feeding amount and try to be uniform. Bucket elevator shall be operated and used by professionals. Professional training shall be conducted for operators to make them understand the basic use methods of bucket elevator and avoid problems caused by improper use of the machine. It is also necessary to strengthen the daily inspection of the machine, inspect the machine on time, and keep the records of each inspection. In case of any problem, it shall be reported to relevant personnel in time and handled in time. In particular, the inspection of belts, gears, chains and pulleys can be completed by touch and observation. If you are the operator of the bucket elevator, if you encounter too much material return or hopper falling off in the process of using the bucket elevator for material operation, you can solve it according to the above methods. As mentioned above, the operation of bucket elevator needs professional training, and the correct operation of bucket elevator is also a good way to reduce machine faults. We should keep improving in our work and constantly strengthen the operation knowledge of bucket elevator, so as to reduce the probability of problems in material transportation.

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