Selection method of transmission mode of bucket elevator

For the bucket elevator, the transmission device is undoubtedly one of the important core components of the machine, which plays a vital role in the normal operation of the whole bucket elevator. Therefore, choosing the transmission mode of bucket elevator will directly determine the service efficiency of bucket elevator. The following small series tells you the commonly used transmission methods.

For example, the bucket elevator can adopt the transmission mode of parallel gear reducer and two-stage chain transmission, which has the advantages of low cost, but the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, there are many transmission links, complex structure, low efficiency, heavy maintenance workload and high operation cost, so it is not recommended to use.

Of course, for low-speed bucket elevator with small lifting capacity and height, reduction motor and chain drive can also be used as the transmission mode of bucket elevator. Although this method has compact structure and low cost, it is impossible to add a slow drive device, and the stop can only be added to the head drive shaft.

How about the transmission mode of hollow shaft connection of bucket elevator? Because the hydraulic coupling is used between the drive motor and the input shaft of the reducer, it has compact structure and stable start. When overloaded, the hydraulic coupling slips and plays a protective role. However, it needs to be equipped with overspeed drive device and check device, which is mainly used for bucket elevator. It is an important component with large lifting capacity and high height.

Some bucket elevators are also connected through couplings. The disadvantage of this transmission mode is that it occupies a large axial space and requires high installation accuracy. In addition, because the output shaft of the reducer adopts a coupling, the speed is low and the specification is large, and the corresponding cost increases.


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